Performance Tips for Dancers

Dancing is fun, but putting together a whole routine can be hard. It does not matter if it’s your first or your fiftieth time to dance in front of a crowd, you will still have to undergo that arduous process of coming up with moves. But worry not, we prepared a list of tips for you to keep in mind as you prepare for a dance show or an audition.

Performance Tips Every dancer Should Keep in Mind

  1. Practice a lot.
Dance Practice


May it be your first or your hundredth, there’s nothing more important than this tip: practice, practice, practice.

Get the most out of your performance by rehearsing well in advance. Some dancer start preparing their routine a few months before their performance. You could do the same to make sure you don’t forget any move. If you’re nervous about the show, then practicing hard is the solution to that. Practicing will also give you a chance to change what has to be changed and learn these changes. 

  1. Familiarize yourself with the area you will be performing in.

Knowing your stage is another important tip to keep in mind. You need to know how much space you will be working with so you can prepare your moves properly. Performing on the actual stage can be a crash course for you if you’ve gotten used to dancing in your practice space, especially if it is your first time dancing. This is why it is best to practice in the actual area if you are allowed to. Getting to know your stage will also help ease stage fright. 

  1. Get a mock audience.
Dance Performer


Gather a mock audience, if you can. Practice in front of them to get an idea of how it will actually feel like in the actual show. If you’ve never performed before and you are about to show your dance routine for the first time ever, then this is a good tips to follow. Running your routine in front of an audience will also reduce any stage fright you may have.

  1. Gather feedback.

If you have successfully gathered a mock audience, then use this opportunity to gather some feedback from them. The feedback can be from someone who knows the ins and outs of dancing, such as your instructor or your fellow students, or from a random observer. Every piece of comment you get will help you greatly, may it be positive or not. Let these feedback help you figure out which parts of the dance need some working on and which ones are already perfect. 

If you can’t have a mock audience, then try recording your dance and then show it to someone who’s willing to give you some feedback



  1. Have fun!

As mentioned, dancing is fun, so it should be for you. Don’t get stressed out too much over making sure you don’t make any mistakes, or else, you will end up not enjoying what you are doing, which beats the purpose of it all. Just try to have fun, that is the most important tip to keep in mind for every dancer.

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Updated: June 3, 2020 — 9:42 am

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