How to Ace Your Next Print Ad Audition

If you’re an aspiring actor, doing print ads is a good way to earn additional income while you’re waiting for your next acting job. It’s also a chance to build a stronger portfolio. Who knows? You could be the next Natalie Portman or Margot Robbie, earning millions just by endorsing a luxurious, designer brand perfume in a fashion magazine. However, before you get to that point, you have to pass your next print ad audition. We’ve compiled below some tips to help you out; the rest of the work is up to you.

Tips To Ace Your Print Ad Audition

1. Get enough sleep and hydration.

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It’s important that you look your best because at your initial audition, they will mostly judge you on your appearance. That’s why you should look as fresh and neat as possible. Eat a balanced diet, drink lots of water, and get enough rest the night before the actual audition. Also, stay away from salty foods or those with a lot of sodium content, as such foods will only make you look bloated. On the day of the audition itself, arrive some time before the scheduled time to give yourself some time to find your way to the venue and find a proper parking spot. You’d also want enough time to fully refresh yourself so you can look your best before the casting panel.

2. Stand out from the competition.

At the audition, you’re likely to have several other aspiring actors and models there beside you who are also hoping to land the job. If you want to get the job, or at least get a callback, you need to set your apart from them—that is, in a good way. This doesn’t just apply to your appearance but also to your posture and personality. Be as natural and relaxed as possible while also paying attention to your body language.

3. Interact well with those at the audition.

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Casting directors like people who are friendly, polite, and easy to work with. Show this side of yourself at the audition by striking up banter with the staff and keeping it friendly. However, you would not want to overdo the “being friendly” part as you don’t want to risk being accused of not taking your job seriously or even of harassment.

4. Do a few warm-up exercises before you get into the audition hall.

This will help to relax and loosen up your nerves and reduce your anxiety. This will also boost your energy, which in turn will benefit you when you finally get to your audition as you will look more lively, alert, and awake.

5. Pay attention to your breathing.

With some people, they get so nervous during an audition that they subconsciously hold their breath sometimes. Breathing in a natural and relaxed way will help to ease your nerves and keep your aura more open. Lastly, you shouldn’t forget about your smile. Rather than opting for a wide grin or doing the opposite of that—that is, a shy Mona Lisa smile—it’s preferrable that you go for a subtle smile wherein your lips are slightly parted. This kind of smile makes you look more relatable and approachable as a person. 

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