How to Impress Casting Directors at a Dance Audition

For any aspiring artist or performer, auditions are a normal part of life. They are venues through which the artist can move on to the next level of his career and/or get the next gig or job. Whatever it is you’re auditioning for, whether it’s for a school recital, a position for a dance company, or a slot for a regular musical variety show, an audition can be a particularly overwhelming experience. Aside from dealing with the usual nerves, you will also have to think of a way to impress the casting director at the dance audition so as to increase your chances of getting the position or job. Here are some tips you can apply in your auditions.

Tips for Acing Your Next Dance Audition

1. Hone your skills through practice.

There is a saying in the performing industry that goes “Practice will never betray you.” While this is true for all aspects of life, this holds especially true in the case of the art of dancing. Sign up for dance classes in different genres and be serious and strict with your training. Stretching your abilities to their limits and constantly practicing a skill can help you become a better performer over time, and this will also increase your chances of getting selected for a job. 

2. Do some research.

Before going to an audition, it’s always wise to gather as much information as you can about the company and the job you’re applying for. This way, you can determine if there is anything you need to prepare beforehand such as documents or an audition tape. This is also the opportunity to learn more about the role or performance you’re auditioning for, such as what genre of music you’ll be dancing to or what style of dance they’re looking for. 

3. Make sure you’re fit and healthy for the dance audition.

The week of your audition isn’t the ideal time to be getting sick. You’d want to be in your optimum condition for your appointment so to fully prepare yourself and avoid getting sick, make sure you get lots of rest, eat a balanced diet, and drink lots of water.

4. Dress to impress, but according to the style that your role or performance requires.

Making an impression includes thinking about the kind of impact you’ll be making with your audition outfit. This doesn’t just refer to being neat and presentable; it also means dressing according to the specific style or look that your casting director or the performance itself requires. For instance, if you’re auditioning to be part of a professional ballet company, the casting director will want to see you in tights, leotards, ballet slippers, pointed shoes, and the like. Likewise, if it’s for a hip-hop performance, you’d make the most impression when you dress in loose-fitting clothes that allow you to express your personality. 

5. Don’t be late on a dance audition.

This is the most crucial tip of all. Being late for the audition itself will not only annoy your casting director; it will also reflect badly on your professional image. There’s also the possibility that it might affect your chances of getting the job.

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