Famous Actors with Memorable Film Debuts

Many want to become famous Hollywood actors, but not all of them get to achieve that dream. Of those that do, a lot of them get their start in what are often crappy unmemorable projects but move on to bigger projects and roles in the future.

But then there are the chosen few who from the very start seem as if they have had a fairy godmother looking out for them. Here are some of Hollywood’s famous actors that made their debut in iconic films:

1. Film Debuts by Johnny Depp in A Nightmare on Elm Street

Film Debuts


Yes, Johnny Depp himself was one of the first victims of Freddy Krueger, In fact, his appearance, although it was a small role, was such a memorable one. He had a good amount of exposure, delivered some lines, and died in a way you couldn’t ever forget: he was literally eaten by a bed. As we all know, Depp went on to become one of the most famous and most talented actors of all time, but for a first role, his debut in A Nightmare on Elm St. is something to be remembered.

2. Kevin Bacon in Animal House


Before he turned in a rousing performance in Footloose, Kevin Bacon first made his debut in Animal House. For his first role, he was made to strip down to his underwear and take that iconic position all while being surrounded by his fellow actors and crewmembers. It’s hard to guess what could have been going through his mind at that moment, but that the movie went on to become a party classic.

3. Tommy Lee Jones in Love Story

Film Debuts


Before he fought aliens with Will Smith in blockbuster action franchise Men in Black, Tommy Lee Jones played the role of a dorm roommate who’s a bit of a jerk in the classic love story entitled, well, Love Story. Here’s a bit of trivia we bet you never knew: the movie was based on a book by Erich Segal, and he had based his main character on two guys he met at Harvard: one of them was Al Gore, and the other was Tommy Lee Jones. Yes, the same Tommy Lee Jones. So basically he got a part in a movie that was based on a book that was based on him. Talk about a small world.

4. Elijah Wood in Back to the Future II


Way back before he was Frodo in the The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Elijah Wood was picking a fight with a much younger Michael J. Fox in the iconic 80s Film Debuts. In his scene, he wore a bright green cap with gold suspenders, looking very trendy for his time. Quite a memorable start, but he went on to even more memorable projects and roles after that.

5. Film Debuts by Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween

Film Debuts


Of course, a list of memorable Hollywood film debuts wouldn’t be complete without the original scream queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis, who turned in a star-making portrayal in John Carpenter’s Halloween. A bit of trivia: she wasn’t the original actress considered for the role, but when the director saw that the iconic Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis were his parents, he took a gamble on Jamie Lee and has never regretted his decision since. 

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