How to Ace Your Next Voice-Over Audition

It may seem easy, but voice acting is not a simple read-record process. In fact, It’s even harder than the actual acting itself, because you have to let your voice alone do the job. You can’t show the audience some gestures and facial expressions. Your voice has to speak for itself. Aside from that, small noises—even an unintentional voice crack—can already get you a callout to start from the top.

Yes, no one is perfect, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing your best, especially during auditions. There are audition tips for voice-over actors you can follow to impress the judges.

Effective Audition Tips for Voice-Over Actors

You already have what it takes to be the next voice acting hotshot, so there’s no reason for you to fear auditions unless you’re unprepared. You must ace your next try out if you want to secure a demo from the agency.

Let these audition tips for voice-over actors help you with that.

1. Prepare a voice-over proposal.

In voice acting, a voice-over proposal is equivalent to a résumé. It’s your personal recording, which contains a short introduction of yourself, brief working history, and the awards you received. You must also include a compelling reason why you’re fit for the job.

Prepare a Voice-Over Proposal

2. Do a background research.

Casting directors appreciate talents who know about the company they’re auditioning for. So it pays to do your own research. Also, check some details about the role. This way, you’ll know how to project your voice based on the character’s personality.

3.  Condition your voice.

Your voice is your biggest asset, which is why you must take care of it. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day and avoid cold and sweet beverages to keep your vocal cords healthy. Besides that, regular exercise for you to develop a good breathing pattern.

4. Practice the script.

Normally, scripts are given before the audition. But if there are none, use other materials that are quite similar to the role you are portraying. Better yet, watch some commercials and create your own scripts. If you want to get the job, then practice—learn to pause, modify your tone, articulate clearly, and pace your reading.

5. Sound confident.

One of the most effective audition tips for voice-over actors is to sound confident, and that’s not an easy task. The muscles around your vocal cords contract whenever you’re stressed out. Typically, you’ll sound crackly when afraid or high-pitched when excited. Therefore, breathe some air and loosen up first before you start reading

Sound Confident

6. Analyze the script.

Always read the scripts with emotions; you can even cry if that will get you into character. However, you must also use the appropriate emotions to match the scenes. Hence, once the script is handed, take your time to analyze the parts.

7. Dress appropriately.

Always maintain your professionalism by wearing decent clothes like a neatly ironed polo shirt with a nice pair of jeans. The recording device is very sensitive to sound, so you must avoid wearing clanking pieces of jewelry. Also, wear a little makeup to give you some glow.

8. Show etiquette.

Another way to display professionalism is to display good manners. Respect others in the audition room by being silent and staying still on the side. When it is your turn, greet the judges, then thank them once you’re done. Lastly, be punctual.

9. Accept criticisms.

Solicit advice from your peers and seek honest criticisms from experts; use them positively to improve yourself as a voice-over actor. In the entertainment industry, learning can sometimes be painful and difficult, but that’s really normal. Just remember this: pressure makes diamonds.

10. Never rush.

Don’t rush to make your first-ever demo; otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time, effort, and money. First, focus on your learning curve as a voice-over performer. If you audition prematurely, you’ll end up leaving a bad impression, which will only hamper in your success.

It’s a competitive world out there; you won’t make it unless you’re prepared. If you think you’re ready for the next audition, learn these audition tips for voice-over actors by heart and you’ll surely ace it.

Never Rush



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