Performance Tips for Dancers

Dance Performer

Dancing is fun, but putting together a whole routine can be hard. It does not matter if it’s your first or your fiftieth time to dance in front of a crowd, you will still have to undergo that arduous process of coming up with moves. But worry not, we prepared a list of tips for […]

How to Create a Commercial Reel 

If you’re here in this page, you might have certain questions in mind, specifically “What is a commercial reel” and “How can it benefit my acting or modeling career?” You’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss what a commercial reel is and what its significance is in your career. A commercial reel […]

The Top 5 Best Dystopian Movies of All Time

What is it about an “end of the world” scenario that makes it so appealing? Since the invention of cinema until the present digital age, stories about great social injustice and widespread suffering have always captured the attention and imagination of moviegoers in general. For every generation, there is a quintessential dystopian film that encapsulates […]

Best One-Man Films of All Time

What makes a good film? Is it a grand production? A big budget? An ensemble cast of high-powered movie stars? Any film critic worth his mettle will tell you that none of those things matter because, ultimately, what it comes down to is a good script, a solid performance, and tight directing. Sometimes, even with […]

7 Top Flicks to Ease Yourself Into Mumblecore Films

Characterized by naturalistic acting and dialogues that are sometimes improvised, mumblecore films began in 2002 with Andrew Bujalski’s Funny Ha Ha. This independent film subgenre are usually produced from extremely low budgets and typically revolve around characters in their twenties and early thirties who are usually single and struggling with relatable issues through uncommon scenarios. If you’re curious about […] | Privacy Policy | Contact Us